Professional art education from the experts.

Direct to your PC, Phone, or Tablet.

MIKAN SCHOOL brings you a whole new realm of art education that was previously inaccessible. Japan has one of the largest and most demanding art industries. We've asked working professionals to sit down for our cameras to walk and draw you through their daily work process. Then forieng language videos are dubbed or subtitled into English and streamed on demand to your PC, Phone, or tablet.

Japanese Manga and Anime Instruction

Subtitled and dubbed into English

We invite working art professionals, from Japan, to give lectures and drawing demos while explaining the concepts they consider the most relevant success in the industry.

Regardless of whether you want to work in Japan or work in an entirely different art style, you will find the insights of these instructors valuable to your growth as an artist. The intense nature of their work environment will give you a whole new perspective and appreciation in becoming an incredibly prolific and effective artist.

Artwork: Shihou    

Super Charge Your Progress

We believe progress in craft is achieved through changing the way you think and good old fashioned hard work. MIKAN focuses on both sides of the equation to maximize your progress.

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Our classes are taught by working professionals and industry veterans. It doesnt matter what location or timezone you live in. Our high definition video steams on demand wherever and whenever you are available.

Streamed Directly To You

MIKAN uses the latest technology to make your resources highly available everywhere you are. At home, on the go with your tablet/phone, the neighborhood coffee shop, your classroom and progress go with you.

Limitless Education

Fill the gaps in your education by stepping out of your comfort zone and learning other art disciplines and philosophies from around the world. MIKAN provides quality translations and dubbing for instruction that was previously inaccessible