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Manga Figure Painting

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In this class Syokuyou Mogura walks you through his process developing a digital painting of a female figure in an Onsen. He visits each step of the process starting with working out the perspective, setting the character in the 3D space, developing the shape language, and adding the anatomy. Then he proceeds to line work, flatting color, shading, highlights, atmospheric effects, and making the piece dazzle with finishing details.

Audio: English
Subtitle: English

Video List

001 Class Introduction 00:01:22
002 Laying In 00:00:00
003 Atmosphere and effects 00:26:14
004 Thoughts on SAI 00:00:00

Resource Files

001 Onsen.png PNG Image
002 Onsen.jpg JPEG Image
003 Onsen.psd Photoshop File

About the artist

Syokuyou Mogura is a manga artist based out of Tokyo Japan who works in video games and serial novels. He’s a firm believer in working out the construction of an image first, realizing the characters in three dimensional space, creating the shape language, and constructing anatomy. Then he goes to work with his beautiful, lyrical line work and lighting, allowing the construction work to disappear behind it. The end result is a beautifully realized piece that feels both inspired and effortless, while still subtly conveying the precise construction that went into its creation.