Manga Painting

Video Program

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In this class Kono will do a complete start to finish digital painting of a fully realized character. Each part of his process is demonstrated in real time. This course includes the complete footage of the drawing session. It is also proceeded by a high speed version with Kono’s explanation. The high speed version is cross referenced with the real time footage so that you can easily reference any section of the footage that Kono is describing at the moment.

Audio: English
Subtitle: English

Video List

001 Class Introduction 00:01:16
002 Artist Commentary Part 1 01:02:43
003 Artist Commentary Part 2 01:02:50
004 Painting Demo 1 00:36:15
005 Painting Demo 2 00:29:14
006 Painting Demo 3 00:38:10
007 Painting Demo 4 00:34:20
008 Painting Demo 5 00:30:00
009 Painting Demo 6 00:34:11
010 Painting Demo 7 00:19:35
011 Painting Demo 8 00:42:25
012 Painting Demo 9 00:58:25
013 Painting Demo 10 00:24:45
014 Painting Demo 11 00:56:50
015 Painting Demo 12 01:34:56
016 Painting Demo 13 01:06:44
017 Painting Demo 14 01:04:06
018 Painting Demo 15 01:14:51
019 Painting Demo 16 00:40:01

Resource Files

001 Princess.png PNG Image
002 Princess.jpg JPEG Image
003 Princess.psd Photoshop File

About the artist

Kono San hails from Saitama Prefecture. He grew up drawing but tried a career, at first, as a computer programmer. Pretty soon he found his art income outpacing his day job. So he gave up the code and never looked back. His gorgeous characters are in high demand and have appeared in manga magazines and product advertisements, as well as several characters in Sega Video Games. Kono also created a manga titled Ishida and Asakura that was well received and was even recreated as an animated short film.