Manga Digital Ink

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In this class, Ayasugi performs a live demo of his digital inking techniques. He goes step by step explaining his process of realizing a character, developing their attributes, and finishing out all details in an inked manga style. He then demonstrates the use of digital tone patterns and finishing techniques to create a look that is both sharp and clear but also very dimensional and appealing.

Audio: English
Subtitle: English

Video List

001 Class Introduction 00:00:59
002 Drafting a Character 00:13:28
003 Video 2 00:16:21
004 Video 3 00:08:18
005 Video 4 00:19:52
006 Drawing the Body 00:14:48

Resource Files

001 Digitalinking.png PNG Image
002 Digitalinking.jpg JPEG Image
003 Digitalinking.psd Photoshop File
004 MDS.jpg JPEG Image

About the artist

Ayasugi Tsubaki is a Tokyo manga artist with his own line of doujinshi, with art in many popular serials. His work has been published across Japan by Melonbooks and Toranaona. Ayasugi's art combines both the signature ink manga style and the latest digital techniques, for page after page of gorgeous manga art that feels both classic and freshly inspired.