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One of the most key abilities for anime is the skill to plan out the progression of poses and emotions of a character and then naturally transition the character through each state. In this class, Amasaki shows how to plan out these poses and find the right amounts of timing and purpose to progress through them. His demos include a character going from a standing to seated position, a character at rest, jumping off wall and standing back up, and a female character transitioning through shock, surprise and joy. Amasaki will perform drawing demonstrations and share what he is thinking about when setting up these scenes, establishing clear poses, and sharpening the timing of frames to get a great read.

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About the artist

Amasaki San is an anime artist with over twenty years experience in the trenches of Japan's television animation industry. His portfolio includes work on dozens of projects such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Code Geass, and Halo Legends.