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In this course Ginyouharu does a demonstration of his lightning quick concept design and rendering style, with playful line and vivid colors. He breaks down his key strategies and work process along with his favorite tools and techniques. While some manga can be fully rendered is laborious detail, Ginyouharu shows that is also possible to create lively and entertaining comic art that looks fun and is easy to complete in a timely fashion. A must for the solo artist looking to create longer stories or web comics published on a daily basis.

Audio: English
Subtitle: English

Video List

001 Class Introduction 00:01:00
002 Drawing Demo 00:46:59
003 Quick Sketching 00:14:08

Resource Files

001 Beach.psd Photoshop File
002 Beach.jpg JPEG Image
003 Beach.png PNG Image
004 Beach.clip Clip Studio File

About the artist

Ginyouharu has a loose style and his whimsical designs have been featured in his own series of doujinshi as well as publications in Toranoana and Wan nay.