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Amasaki breaks down his thought process of drawing in perspective for animation or manga. Perspective can be an incredibly broad and difficult topic, but Amasaki shares the core principles that you can easily learn to keep your drawing on track. He shows how to quickly plan out the perspective and indicate it so that you can work quickly and efficiently while keeping everything solid and working together.

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Video List

001 Class Introduction 00:01:13
002 Video 1 00:35:07
003 Video 2 00:13:50
004 Video 3 00:14:31
005 Video 4 00:36:55

Resource Files

001 Perspective.psd Photoshop File
002 Perspective.clip Clip Studio File
003 Resource_Perspective .zip ZIP Archive

About the artist

Amasaki San is an anime artist with over twenty years experience in the trenches of Japan's television animation industry. His portfolio includes work on dozens of projects such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Code Geass, and Halo Legends.