Atsunuri In Digital Paint

Video Program

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In this class Shirai will take you along for her design process, carefully walking you through the key steps of the composition, construction, and painting. She is a very articulate instructor and clearly lines out the steps in realizing her beautiful art. Her commanding use of light, contrast, and deep lush color have made her a sought after artist and this class is your chance to master these techniques and incorporate them into your portfolio.

Audio: English
Subtitle: English

Video List

001 Class Introduction 00:00:51
002 Laying Down the Base 01:26:14
003 Textiles 00:53:00
004 Color 00:45:35

Resource Files

001 arisu.psd Photoshop File
002 arisu.jpg JPEG Image
003 arisu.png PNG Image

About the artist

Shirai San is a graduate of the Amusement Media Academy in Tokyo and currently working in video games and creative media. Her luscious and magical painting style has captured the imaginations of fans all over Japan and appeared in popular titles such as CardFight Vanguard, Sega’s ‘Code of the Joker’, and Senokusaga.