Drafting Story For Manga 2

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In this second installment Ayasugi continues taking you through his process of planning storyline for his manga doujinshi. He speaks to plotting a good arc and tying up a good installment with plenty of material to get the reader to stay with the series. Ayasugi speaks straight from his experience and shares exactly what is going through his mind when a approaching a new project. Follow along as he develops character and sets events in motion for solid and satisfying installment of a manga.

Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English

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About the artist

Ayasugi Tsubaki is a Tokyo manga artist with his own line of doujinshi, with art in many popular serials. His work has been published across Japan by Melonbooks and Toranaona. Ayasugi's art combines both the signature ink manga style and the latest digital techniques, for page after page of gorgeous manga art that feels both classic and freshly inspired.