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Join Ki Innis as he introduces the most foundational concepts of good illustration. Ki works away in his sketchbook while freely sharing his thoughts around the most tried and true techniques. The result is a compact session of instruction that is absolutely jam packed with great material. This session is one you will want to watch from the first, and then rewatch to weigh your progress against it, in the coming years. If you have ever wanted help in strengthening your drawing skills or wondered how to get your drawings to have the same power as your favorite artists … Ki is your guy. He takes it all the way back to the most fundamental concepts and helps you reconstruct your style on design principles and philosophies that work and you can count on every day you sit down to draw.

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Video List

001 Class Introduction 00:02:02
002 Where to Begin 01:04:26
003 Practice Pose Expression 00:22:54
004 Practice That Pays Off 00:07:00

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About the artist

Ki Innis is an American artist working in Tokyo Japan. He’s a graduate of Howard University where he majored in both film and drawing from the school of fine arts. He got his start in New York City doing freelance storyboarding and print illustration. Then he took a chance and headed to Japan to work with Nice Day animation studios, doing development projects and character design. Ki has also had the honor of working for Aaron Woolfolk and Young Lion Productions doing illustration for film projects. Since setting up shop in Tokyo, Ki has served as an ambassador of illustration, bringing together artists from all over the globe to share art disciplines from the United States, Japan, and other countries. He teaches in his own series of instruction workshops called Ki Creative Studios and also helms Master Drawing Japan which has hosted top studio artists from Disney Animation, Dreamworks, and Weta Digital.