Dark Mech Painting

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In this session Jitsukawa takes you through a complete painting process. His art technique is one that follows his stream of consciousness. Elements are painted in and directly blended, the story takes shape, and he continues to work the piece letting each new development further define what is next. It’s a rather abstract and healing way to find new creative approaches and develop your craft.

Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English

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001 Dark.psd Photoshop File
002 Dark.jpg JPEG Image
003 Dark.png PNG Image
004 Dark.clip Clip Studio File

About the artist

Jitsukawa has a style all of his own, full of delirious visions and hydraulic hearts. His painting style is a unique and intuitive approach to finding and defining form through simple digital brushwork. He asked that “we give him a strange little corner to share his art technique in” and we were glad to oblige.