Thematic Character Design

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Shihou has built a career out of his inventive characters, imbuing them with deep levels of personality, culture, and backstory. In this class he takes you through an artistic process of discovery as he develops a whole new female character using a Daruma Doll good luck charm as inspiration. Daruma dolls are talismans of good luck and perseverance in setting goals. The recipient of the doll decides a goal and paints in an eye. Upon reaching the goal the other eye is painted in. All the elements of the design of the doll are steeped in Japanese tradition. Shihou uses this rich tapestry to show his process in inventing a new character. Follow along with him and learn to make your own characters that are deeply anchored and irresistible to your audience.

Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English

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001 Daruma.psd Photoshop File
002 Daruma.jpg JPEG Image
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About the artist

Shihou San has a rich and jubilant art style that glows right off canvas. Shihou says he’s been drawing since he was in elementary school. He filled the margins of every homework assignment with manga doodles. Luckily for us, and his teachers, he graduated and started looking for larger canvases to paint on. Shihou’s fun and whimsical designs glow with charm, mystery, and magic. They have been featured in games and publications across Japan. His own doujinshi publications are highly prized, and sought after, in the comic festivals every year in Tokyo. He loves to smile, he loves to draw, and says that every drawing is a new discovery for him and a chance to improve. He wants you to know that he is glad you are taking his class and joining him on that journey.