Thank you for your interest in Mikan!

New subscriptions and purchases for Mikan School are currently unavailable.

We hope to make them available again soon.

For the time being, we will keep the site and content available for our active subscribers.

It has been an amazing journey launching and working with all the artists. Our goal from the start has been to make it an avenue of supporting the contributing artists and educating the next generation of art creators. Sadly the costs of operation have proven very extensive and we need to work toward a new sustainable model. So we are pausing to take a much needed breath of air and refocus.

We are currently working with the artists to come up with a new plan that will carry Mikan into the future. Our hope it to bring more content in a variety of plans as well as opening some new projects with social media.

Most importantly we want to thank everyone for their support. We are incredibly thankful for you!

Our hope is to start taking new subscriptions in 2020 with new classes and new plans. Stay tuned!

The Mikan Team